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Your Success Is Inevitable

What level of belief do you need in order to achieve what you most desire?

Tony Robbins says, “Beliefs have the power to create and the power to destroy.”

But what about that point in the middle, between creating and destroying?

That point where you take some action; take a few steps ahead, but then a couple steps back. You put in a ton of sweat, heart and tears, but despite all of your efforts your progress is slow.

You’re left wondering why things aren’t happening faster and what others have figured out in order to experience such massive results.

There are 3 key factors that are slowing your growth, and they are:

Your level of belief in yourself;
How much success you feel comfortable having; and
How much you feel you deserve to be successful.

These elements are what separates those who make leaps and bounds from those who play the work, struggle and inch forward hustle. Meaning you work hard, struggle through it all and make little progress.

Don’t get me wrong, celebrate every step you take forward no matter how small. After all, a step in the right direction is better than no step at all.

However, if you want to make more progress and get faster results, you’ve got to believe in yourself 100%. Anything less is like a balancing act where you’re teetering back and forth between moving forward and staying right where you are. When you’re only putting one foot ahead, you don’t get very far.

But what if you dropped any doubt or fears that are stopping you from getting ahead, and instead you believe you can be successful no matter what?

I know it’s hard to have this level of faith, and sometimes it’s easier to make our success dependent on something outside of ourselves. Somehow this can be comforting, like it’s not all on you.

I remember back in the summer when I spotted a ladybug sitting on the siding of my house. I thought nothing of it and went inside, but when I saw she was still there the next day, I looked a little closer and realized she was dead. Most days were hot and humid, so I thought the heat killed her and made her stick to the siding.

My next thought went beyond logic, and I decided to believe she was a sign from the Universe that I was going to be okay. I had just resigned from my teaching job to be fully in my business, and I had no financial certainty that I’d be alright long term.

Yes, I put my faith in that ladybug. And every day that I came home, I’d look above the mailbox and breathe a sigh of relief when I saw she was still there. I’d think, Ah, I’m going to be okay.

As the weeks went on, her red color drained and she began to shrivel just a little. Her pale, orangey-brown body withstood heavy rains, high winds and even snow. Winter turned into spring, and there my ladybug sat.

Eight months had passed, and I was telling a friend about my sign from the Universe, and she offered me an entirely new perspective. This wise friend pointed out that perhaps the shriveled ladybug was not a sign at all, but rather she represented the old me. The me who at one time settled for certainty and ignored her dreams. She went on to say that since I was no longer that person, I didn’t need to hang on to her to know I’d be okay. Deep down inside, I already knew that. I knew it in the calm and certainty I felt the moment before I decided to quit my job. This was such an aha moment for me.

Where in your life do you doubt you have what it takes? Where do you not fully believe in yourself?

After some reflection, I realized I wasn’t believing 100% in myself or in my ability to thrive in my business. I was looking outside of myself when I didn’t need to, and doing this has only slowed my growth.

The truth is we already have everything we need inside of us.

Just as a girl is born already having all the eggs she’ll ever have inside of her, we have all of our potential already inside of us. Best selling author Alan Cohen says, “It’s not a matter of how much potential you have, it’s a matter of how much of your potential you live.”

How much of your potential are you living right now?

Can you believe in yourself a little more each day so that you can cross the line and expand into the next version of you?

What becomes possible when you believe your success is inevitable?

You’d probably take massive action on the ideas that light you up. You’d no longer stop yourself or sabotage your dreams and desires or minimize your gifts or play small out of fear.

You have all you’ll ever need inside of you, so choose to commit everyday to moving through your fears. That’s how you can rise above your reality and, once you do, you’ll break through that invisible barrier and live big and bold!