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What’s Your Client Consciousness?

When you think of the word clients, what you you see, hear and feel?

Of course, you want clients and to make more money and impact doing what you love, but what’s your story about clients?

What thoughts are most often in your awareness? In other words, where is your dominant focus?

Are you thinking to yourself:

💭 How do I get in front of my tribe?
💭 I’m not making enough money.
💭 I lack consistency in my business.
💭 I can’t seem to find clients.
💭 I struggle crafting a message that will resonate with my audience.

These thoughts and thoughts like them make up your consciousness. You’ve heard of the terms “money consciousness” and “wealth consciousness,” which simply mean your awareness around money and wealth.

So what’s in your awareness when it comes to the topic of clients?

The problem with the thoughts listed above is that they are focused on everything you don’t want!

I once asked a client,

What’s one thing you’d change right now in your business?

She responded to me by saying,

“I’d change how little I’ve come in the past year I’ve had my business.”

But what did she want? She told me what she didn’t want, and her experience reflected just that!

It can be tough to fully step into your vision, especially when you’re focused on what’s right in front of you and what’s missing or not working.

It’s natural for us to focus on what we don’t want, because it’s hard to look beyond our current experience for more than a few moments.

Have you ever asked your spouse what they wanted for dinner, and they answered by saying, “Well I sure don’t want chicken! I ate good all week!”

Most of us pay more attention to how things currently are and on what we don’t want.

And when you know deep down that you want to move your business forward, but you keep feeling, seeing, and thinking about how far away you are from your goal, your energy is split.

I want to have success in my business, but I’m not there yet.

It’s like balancing on a seesaw. Your thoughts are up and down, high and low.

One way to boost your client consciousness is to think about what you DO want and then keep your focus there long enough to feel what it’d be like to have a stream of clients right now.

You actually do this all the time, like when you watch a scary movie and your skin heats up, your heart beats faster, and you feel your nerves shoot from the back of your neck all the way down into your calves. What’s happening on the screen in front of you is not real, but your subconscious believes it is!

That’s the sweet spot and where the magic happens. How can you arrive at your goal right now in your mind and feel as if you already have the clients and are making the money and impact you desire?

Can you fully step into your vision and just pretend for a few moments throughout the day that you already have what you want? Can you stay focused on what you want more often?

I know it’s hard to live in your vision, and you won’t always be in perfect alignment with what you want, but when you lean into both, you have split energy and before you know it you’re back on that seesaw caught up in a juggling act. You’re taking one step forward and two steps back and constantly losing steam.

So how do you raise your client consciousness?

Make it a habit of asking yourself what exactly you want and how you want to feel. Then close your eyes and go there in your mind and use your imagination.

You’ll get to where you want to be in life and in your business faster and with more ease when you keep your attention on what you want and focus on the next step in front you, trusting that it’s all going to play out in your favor.

Small steps and small wins get you to where you want to be. And remember to cut yourself some slack and have fun as you play with changing your thoughts and your dominant awareness. The clients, money, and success will soon follow!