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What’s Stopping Money From Flowing Into Your Business

Are you making the amount of money you want in your business, or not?

Here’s a better question….

Are you “efforting,” or allowing?

If you’re not making the amount of money you want in your business, it’s probably safe to say that you are working hard or putting in a ton of effort and not getting the results to show for it – “efforting.”

Here’s what efforting can look like:

Let’s say you sit in front of your laptop to create an engagement post for Facebook. You craft all the right words so that it will catch the attention of your ideal client and make them stop scrolling through a sea of similar posts. Then your read it over 9 times, checking for typos and to make sure it has enough appropriate emojis so it’s an easy read and captures their attention long enough to read to the very end. Then you get lost for another hour in Canva designing an image to accent your story nicely. You play with different pictures, fonts, shapes and colors that will make your ideal client stop in their tracks and read your post. You finally hit “Post” and then…

… crickets!

Hours later, you check your notifications and see that one person has liked your post.


No comments. No engagement.

You sigh and shake your head, feeling aggravated that you spent two hours and a whole lot of effort putting out something that easily got lost in an over-crowded market.

Your original worry about your post getting lost in a sea of similar posts actually came to fruition despite your effort to make sure that wouldn’t happen.

Remember, you create with the energy you put into something.

Just like baking a cake – the cake that pops out of the oven is the result of the ingredients you put in.

So let’s rewind and go back to the moment before you sat down in front of your laptop to write the post.

What was your intention?

• Was it to get people to comment and engage with you?
• Get people to stop scrolling and actually read your post?
• Answer questions to show your expertise?
• Get market research to use for future copy?

If you want to make more money in your business, a good place to start is asking yourself:

What activities can bring me money today?

Spending hours crafting a post is not likely something that will bring you money, especially if the act of creating the post is stressing you out and causing you to feel bad.

Remember, your time is valuable; and more importantly, time is not renewable. You don’t get it back.

So how can you spend your time more efficiently and get the most gain?

It’s easy to get lost in creating and putting out content that hopefully gets noticed and leads to a conversation that could potentially lead to a client.

But what if there was an easier way?

What if you just focused on the problem your ideal client has and on how you can help them solve that problem?

What if you dedicated just one hour a day to having real, simple and honest conversations that didn’t have to begin from an eye-catching image and first opening line?

Money is energy. Period.

It comes when you are open and in receiving mode, not when you’re caught up in a frenzy spinning your wheels and pressured to stand out and get seen.

So how can you spend more time in a space of allowing?

How can you make things easy?

What if you could drop out of your head and down into your heart and ask:

What does my audience need to hear?


How can I provide value and serve them?

What if you allowed things to be easy?

My first paying client did not come to me as a result of spending hours marketing myself and my message.

She was actually someone I knew from my own life. She had found out that I started coaching, and she called me asking if I could show her a sample of what I do so that she could recommend me to her patients. By the end of our phone call, she asked me if I could coach her and how she could pay me.

That money came out of nowhere and was completely unexpected!

So stay open to ALL the ways money can come to you.

When we get caught up in all the details and how it’s going to come, we end up cutting ourselves off from receiving it.

The next time you sit down to write a post, ask yourself:

How can I let this be easy?

Who am I meant to serve today?

How can I make an impact in someone’s life?

Start living in the big questions, and follow your heart’s lead. Keep yourself open so that money can flow to you.