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What Matters Most for Goal Success

Are you clear on your vision for 2020? What top 2 or 3 goals do you want to see through to completion?

Each year around this time, people begin to form a plan and think about their vision, aspirations and goals.

Interestingly, some research says that only 8% of people achieve these “goals.”

Why is that? And more importantly…

How can you set yourself up for a higher rate of success when it comes to achieving what you want?

I believe a good place to start is to begin to set INTENTIONS rather than goals. When I think of the word “GOAL,” I think of something really big and far away from where I currently am; and that doesn’t make me feel excited or motivated.

You might be asking yourself, “Does it really matter how I feel?” and the answer is “Yes” with a capital “Y”!

How you feel is everything. If you follow Abraham Hicks, then you’ve heard that you attract that which you feel. In other words: Law of Attraction can only bring you circumstances, people, and experiences that match the energy you put out – your vibration.

You see evidence of this all the time. Have you ever been in a bad mood, and nothing goes right in your day? You wake up late; get stuck in traffic; your boss is rude to you; you stop to pick up some food for dinner, and the restaurant is out of what you want so you have to settle on the next best thing even though that is not at all what you were craving; and then your mother calls as soon as you walk through your front door only to complain, which just adds to your agitation and so it goes. Everything in this scenario supports the bad mood that began the day, and then it just snowballed.

So, now you have a clear picture of why your feelings matter!

And if you’re anything like me, setting goals may cause you to feel discouraged, doubtful, frustrated, or even hopeless.

So whether you want to make a plan, set a goal or set an intention, there’s only one thing that really matters, and that is how you FEEL.

Here are 5 key ingredients to make your plan for 2020 a success!

Begin with the end in mind.

Having a clear vision for your goal is crucial. Know what you want and what that looks like, and then you can come up with steps that will get you there. Just like when you want to drive to San Francisco from your front door, you need to input the address into your navigation system so it gives you the steps to take that will get you to your destination. It’d be pretty hard to arrive if you were not clear on where you were going.

Set specific and achievable goals.

Let’s say you have a financial goal. Well, it’s not enough to say that you want financial security. What does this even mean to you, and can you wrap your mind around it? A key piece in goal success is knowing exactly what you want. So by re-framing this to wanting to make $10,000 a month, as an example, you now have a goal in mind. Then in order to make this achievable, you can chunk this figure down to what that looks like per week or even per day, so you can focus on what you can do to meet those “mile markers.”

Have support and accountability.

People who have the most success when it comes to achieving a specific outcome or goal know that they need support. Is it possible to do it alone? Yes, but you can get to your desired result much faster with the right support, and it can be an easier and more enjoyable path there!

Be aware of your roadblocks to success.

These roadblocks might feel like fear, worry, or doubt, and they may sound like:

• Who am I to do this?;

• I don’t have what it takes?; or

• What if I fail?

It’s that negative self-talk always playing in the background of your mind!

Remember, it’s those subconscious thought patterns that are running the show and creating your reality.

Journaling daily and doing daily brain dumps are helpful in revealing these negative thought patterns, and once you’re aware of what they are, you are in a position to choose to change them!

So be aware of what your roadblocks are and mindful of when they show up.

Practice gratitude daily, and celebrate every small win!

Doing this keeps you in a high vibration and aligned with the things you do want!

I’ve got one more nugget for you! Ask yourself: “Am I identifying as the successful person I aspire to be?”

If the answer is “No,” there is a mismatch!

Start practicing seeing yourself as if you’re already a success. As if your plan is a done deal!

So, do you have a crystal clear picture of what that image looks like and feels like?

The truth is, you CAN achieve your goals, but there’s a systematic way to go about it along with inner work, and that’s what I want to help you with.

Let’s make your Q1 a success!

I’m opening up an accountability coaching pod in the next couple of weeks and am looking for a couple of people who are:

• Serious about achieving their goals;

• Ready to have a clear picture of what that looks like as well as a defined plan of action; and

• Committed to taking steps each day to move closer to your desired result.

During our 12 weeks together we will:

• Get clear on your vision/goal;

• Chunk your vision/goal into bite-size actionable steps;

• Create a defined plan of action; and

• Remove emotional roadblocks to success with my Mind Align System.

(A big part of your success in internal work…mindset!)

And most of all, you will have the guidance and accountability from me as your coach and from the others in our pod.

If this sounds like you, and you are curious to learn more, click on my calendar link below, and let’s have a conversation to see if this is a good fit for you. There’s no obligation, only an opportunity.