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Trusting in What You Can’t Yet See

Trust … only a 5-letter word, yet it plays such a huge role in our lives. To me, you gain TRUST when you’re willing To Release Unreal Static Thinking.

So much of our thinking is static or fixed and doesn’t change. Experts say we have about 60,000-80,000 thoughts per day, and of those thoughts 80% are negative; and 95% of those negative thoughts are repetitive! See what I mean by static?

So we are thinking the same negative thoughts day in and day out, which keeps us in a fixed mindset and prevents us from trusting in what we can’t see.

That’s why in order to trust, you must be willing to release that static thinking that likely isn’t real or true to begin with. Your thoughts are usually just a story you tell yourself every day; and for the most part, it’s unconscious, meaning you don’t even realize that you’re telling it.

Let’s say you need a steady flow of clients to start coming into your business, but when you look at your calendar for the last month, you see almost no sales calls booked. Then you look at the stats of your email service, and you find a low percentage of open and click-through rates. Plus you’re working hard every day to post content and engage with your audience, and your bank account doesn’t reflect this effort at all.

Soon, you find yourself thinking thoughts like:

🧠 Am I ever going to get a new client?
🧠 What am I going to do if I don’t start making money from my business?
🧠 Maybe I’m not cut out for this.

It’s no wonder that it’s hard to trust that everything will work out when you’re facing your current reality, which seems to be telling you otherwise.

So how do you BELIEVE when you don’t have enough evidence to back it up?

First of all, you decide to stop entertaining your stories and worst-case scenarios.

Like the scenario where you don’t sign any clients and end up having to get a side gig in order to make up for the money you need.

You also choose to stop believing things won’t work out. I know there’s still a part of you that believes and hopes, BUT there’s probably a bigger part that fears and doubts. And guess what? That bigger part wins!

So how can you believe in something when you have no evidence?

You’ve got to BUILD trust, and it starts with YOU.

How do you do this, you might be wondering?

Start by making it a habit of only saying things you’re actually going to follow through on.

Another way to build trust is to remember a time when you did trust in something and it all worked out. It could be as simple as when you trusted you would graduate high school or get your driver’s license. Begin to accrue evidence of all the times you’ve trusted and it worked out.

See it like a trust fund, and each piece of evidence you find is like you’re depositing interest or equity into this “account.” Physically write out all the ways you’ve trusted and received what you wanted. What did that feel like?

Allow yourself to feel that sense of trust. Then, begin to memorize what it feels like and start to recognize it in other people; even in the smallest of ways.

For example:

• You schedule a phone chat, and the person answers the call.
• You walk into your spin class, and the instructor is there waiting for you.

Little by little, you will begin noticing all the ways things do work out in your favor, and in time your trust builds. You lay your path of trust with each baby step, and you will come to see that you’re supported along the journey to where you want to be.

Over time, you’ll find that you naturally trust more. So start with yourself, and then look for all the ways you experience trust with others. The truth is, there’s more reasons to trust than not. It comes down to where you choose to keep your focus: And that, you get to decide!

And here’s something else to consider … What if you decided that your belief has nothing to do with getting what you want? What if you put your beliefs aside and asked, “What’s my next step?”, and then listened for the answer and TRUSTED it?

What if you chose to look for clues, signs, direction; and followed what feels good?

What if the Universe is orchestrating all that needs to happen to bring you your desire and you just cooperated?

What if you make it your job to pay attention to the breadcrumbs you’re being given each and every day and you just followed them along the trail? You just might be led to what’s awaiting you, a whole lot sooner, without all the detours!