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The Secret People with Lots of Money Already Know

$526,000…that’s music to my ears! My eyebrows raised, and my mouth dropped when this outrageous statement quickly snapped me out of my moment of luxury. I was sitting comfortably in the vibrating pedicure spa chair at my favorite nail salon, enjoying the eucalyptus scent from the scrub being used and the remnants of lemon that had evaporated into the air from the spa tub sitting beneath my legs. I was zoning out to HGTV’s House Hunters Show playing on the screen in front of me until I heard this woman’s response to the real estate agent as she revealed the price of this beach front condo sitting on the beautiful Bay of Banderas.

Wouldn’t it feel amazing to share this woman’s perception of money? Take a second and close your eyes and feel into that level of ease, excitement, and joy!

What’s possible when you open yourself up to that kind of energy when it comes to the subject of money? What would change if hearing the price of the laundry list of things you want was music to your ears?

These are some of the questions that began swirling around in my head as I continued watching this woman and her husband house shop. The energy they brought to their home buying experience was inspirational, and I felt uplifted as I watched them take time out to dine and dance along to the latin beats that played in the background of the restaurant where they enjoyed some authentic cuisine.

That’s the secret to having an abundance of money! Being able to feel excitement, fun, and ease around the subject of money opens you up to more of it.

I know this is easier said than done! I mean, of course it’s easy for someone with a ton of money to feel ease around dropping over a half a million dollars.

The truth is that it’s hard to feel this way from where you’re standing right now. So how can you even imagine yourself feeling financially abundant?

Start where you are.

That’s right, you start where you currently are and you take small steps towards creating what you want.

We don’t jump from first grade to high school, do we? That would just be overwhelming!

This concept applies to money, too. You can’t realistically jump from your current money story to the one you want to be living. Your brain will argue with you and feed you all the reasons why having this kind of money to spend is not possible. It will pull up files from the past and show you quick scenes from earlier parts of your life when you didn’t have the money or when it was hard to make the dollar amount you wanted. Before you know it, you’re caught up in a D-List movie trailer highlighting clips that rob your hope and motivation.

The solution is to start small and look for all the ways money is already coming into your life. And remember, money comes in different forms other than a credit line and $100 bills. Money flows to you in the form of a friend picking up the tab at dinner or a 20% discount you received at check out that you weren’t expecting. This is all evidence that money is flowing your way.

Could you allow these little pieces of evidence to be music to your ears?

The more you start to focus on all the ways you are being supported, the more steps you take toward financial freedom.

Lao Tzu said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

So what’s the next step on your financial journey?