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Stop Trying to Succeed

Trying to succeed is your first mistake.

Whether you’re “trying” to balance work and life, grow your business, attract clients or anything else, you’re missing the mark.

Have you ever noticed that when a client, family member or friend says they’re going to try to do something, more often than not they don’t come through with what they said they would? They may mean well and have good intentions, but there’s no “trying.”

Just think: How do you try to pick up a glass of water? You don’t! You simply reach your arm out, open your hand, grip down and lift the glass to your lips. You can apply this same concept to balancing work and life, getting clients or anything else. Remember: There’s no trying; only focused, inspired action!

If you ever find yourself saying you’ll try, it’s not your fault. After all, “trying” was probably ingrained in you as a kid from your parents and teachers. “As long as you try your best, that’s all that matters!” Sound familiar?

The problem is that trying to do these things sends a hidden message to your subconscious mind that’s not helpful. Here’s what I mean…

Let’s say you tell yourself that you’re going to try to sign 3 new clients this month. While you may feel motivated and eager to take the actions you believe will get you these clients, there’s a hidden message beneath that statement, and that’s some variation of:

I hope this works…

I’m not sure I’ll be able to…

What if I don’t…

What’s the energy behind these statements and the words “I’ll try?” Aside from any initial motivation, there’s also likely doubt, worry, frustration, impatience, or even indifference. These low-vibe energies block or seriously slow down those ideal clients from showing up in your life!

Trying also has a negative connotation behind it. The word itself presupposes that you can’t have, do or be something. It’s very subtle, but the act of trying puts more of your focus on not having what you want and the idea that you have to “try” to get it. For example: I don’t have these clients right now, but I’ll try to get 3 new ones.

Rather than trying to have success in any of these areas, do these 3 things instead:

1- Get clear on exactly what you want and why you want it. Be sure you’re specific and that the action is aligned with your values. Why? Because your values always motivate your behavior.

2- Pay attention to those hunches or that little voice inside that feed you those ideas that send tingles down your arms or that make you go “aha!” Then take immediate action on those inspired thoughts. Too often, people put off taking immediate action, and then their attention is on something else. As quickly as that idea pops into your mind, it can leave just. like. that.

3- Adopt the identity that your success is inevitable. This can’t be just a mantra that you tell yourself again and again while secretly feeling that it’s a lie. You have to say it and believe it!

Getting your subconscious mind to accept a thought like I attract clients easily is something I teach my clients how to do.

One tip to get yourself to really believe in something that’s not true for you yet is to go general so that your mind can’t argue with you and discount the desired thought you just fed it.

There’s no right or wrong answer, it just needs to feel right to you. So a thought like “I’m in the process of attracting clients with more ease” may be more believable, in which case your subconscious accepts it and begins to move in that direction and look for opportunities.

You get what you focus on – whether you want it or not – so focus on deciding to succeed. Decide to have a good work/life balance, to keep growing your business, to make the particular amount of money you want.

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