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Push Beyond Your Edges

What can happen when you move beyond your edges? Well, the sky’s the limit! One of my yoga instructors ended her class with this very advice: Remember to push beyond your edges. There’s something about these words that just feels easier than trying to get out of your comfort zone, which can feel scary.

When you think about it, I don’t know why it feels so hard to get out of our comfort zone, because these imaginary “zones” are usually not “comfortable.” The truth is, comfort zones can be boring, stifling and mediocre and leave you feeling dissatisfied and yearning for something more.

Pushing beyond your edges means recognizing that you’re at a plateau and are maybe caught up in a comfort zone, or as I like to call it, a safety zone. It means you realize that you can be, do and have more just as soon as you take one small step in the direction you want.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about turning your passion into a business and your first step is communicating what you do. The more you say it out loud, the more comfortable it feels and the clearer the picture you have of what the next step is, and then the next. Or maybe you already have a business, and you want to take it to the next level. What’s one step that would push you beyond your edge? Sometimes, that’s all you need to get started and gain momentum.

It’s like when you hold your arms out towards a baby who is just learning how to walk. You’re kneeling on the floor and motioning for them to come towards you, and you can see a mix of apprehension and determination on their little face. As they take a couple of steps, you move back, coaxing them to walk further and further. That’s how babies eventually learn to walk. They continue to push beyond their edges and, as they do, they grow and expand.

What can you do each day to push beyond your edges? It doesn’t matter how small of a step you take so long as you start. The thing is to stay in motion and continue to grow.

But there is one thing that can prevent you from taking that initial step, and that’s fear of the unknown.

Let’s say your big vision is to start and grow your dream business. Maybe you want to:

• Create an exit strategy and plan so you can finally leave your 9-5;

• Get clear on your message and stand out in the marketplace; or

• Package and sell your offers to your ideal clients.

But fear stops you in your tracks.

Whenever we’re caught up in a spiral of fear, it feels totally real. So real that our bodies strongly react.

Suddenly, your heart beats out of your chest,\; a bundle of hot nerves travel from your cheeks down to your calves at lightning speed!

Thoughts race, the hair on the back of your neck stands at attention, and there you sit in a fog of one negative thought firing after another.

Feelings of overwhelm hijack your conscious mind and, before you know it, you’re slamming the screen of your laptop shut because you’re STRESSED out!

But what was the culprit that got you on the roller coaster of fear to begin with?

Your thoughts! That’s what triggers fear.

What would it feel like if we removed thoughts from the equation?

Maybe we’d wipe out fear and really move beyond our edges!

But how do you let go of those worrisome thoughts so you can create the life and business you yearn to have?

The short answer is: Awareness and desire.

You have to be aware that the negative thoughts are running amok in your mind, and then decide to stop them in their tracks and choose better-feeling thoughts.

Best-selling author Mike Dooley says that thoughts become things. If you believe this is true, then be careful what you think, because you are creating your world with each thought that you have.

The good news is, you can experience freedom and satisfaction when you transform those negative thoughts into healthy ones that support your every desire.

Ready to push past your edges? There is an easier path to mental freedom and success. Schedule an assessment call with me and let’s have a conversation.