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Power of Focus

Ever notice that what you focus on grows? Like when you’re on a long drive and see a sign that says “Next rest stop 22 miles.” Suddenly, you wince and wish you had not ordered that venti latte at your last stop. Those next 22 miles are going to be the most uncomfortable of your trip if you keep your focus on how much longer you need to go and on your bladder, which feels like it’s about to burst.

I was taking a body sculpting class, and the instructor was having us do tricep dips. After the third set, I started to focus on the pain in my left wrist. I have tendonitis in that wrist and hand, so holding my body weight up is uncomfortable. However, I decided to shift my attention onto my triceps, since those were the muscles we were working, and suddenly the discomfort disappeared!

It’s amazing what happens when you move your attention. It’s almost like magic. We know that what we focus on grows; so if we choose to focus on discomfort, then that’s what we’ll feel.

So let’s apply this concept to our thoughts. Suppose you want to sell a product you have, but you’re feeling more doubt than certainty. If doubt is the predominant feeling, then your thoughts are likely on the opposite of what you want.

Thoughts like:

• What if no one buys?

• Is my product good enough?

• Who am I to do this?

What if, instead, you shifted your attention to what you do want? How would that feel?

This reminds me of a moment I’ll always remember. I was waiting in line to use the restroom on the boardwalk one hot, humid summer day. The skies were blue, and the sun was shining, making it a beautiful beach day. The woman cleaning the bathroom was resting on a chair, saying “hello” and “how are you” to every woman who walked by her. She was also initiating light conversation, and I was drawn to her magnetic energy.

When I asked her how she was doing, she replied, “I’m great! It’s such a beautiful day.” I was so impressed that this lady was able to see beyond the sinks and toilets. You’d never know she was spending her Saturday cleaning a hot, stuffy restroom.

I was truly inspired that this woman had the bandwidth to see beyond her circumstances and feel satisfaction and gratitude anyway. Since that day, whenever I’m struggling with anything, whether it’s trying to crank out 5 more shoulder presses in my body sculpting class or having low sales on one of my products, I say to myself, it’s just sinks and toilets. This statement reminds me to see beyond the current situation. In other words, it helps me shift my attention onto what I DO want. Then I can get to a better feeling state regardless of the circumstances.

Your world will change when you make this a practice. The more you practice shifting your focus onto what you want, the more you will feel better and, more importantly, come into alignment with the finances, love and well-being that you want. This is how you become a mindful manifestor!

It’s when you become mindful of what you focus on and deliberately choose to focus on what you want AND take inspired actions, that things open up! Then the Universe arranges for the circumstances, situations and people to show up rather seamlessly.

Since you’re manifesting all day, every day anyway, you might as well do it with intention!

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