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Manifest with Ease by Deleting These 2 Words!

We all want things to happen right now. We want the client to sign, sales to be consistent, cash to flow … After all, we don’t like to have our gratification delayed.

But there are 2 words you might be saying or even thinking that will keep the very thing you want from manifesting.

But first, let me ask:

What do you want to allow more of into your life and business?

More time, money, peace, freedom, fun, creativity?

You may find that no matter what actions you take, you end up getting similar outcomes and having the same experiences.

Well, if you’re anything like me, this just leaves you feeling frustrated and burnt out!

And since you attract with your emotions, these low-level vibes are now blocking you from getting what you want. You end up creating more situations that you don’t want!

Not only do your negative emotions block or delay the very thing you desire, but these 2 small words slow things down as well.

See if you can spot them in the examples below!

When am I going to get more paying clients?
I don’t know how I’m going to bring in enough money to leave my 9-5.

The 2 words that should be deleted are WHEN and HOW.

You don’t have to say these words out loud, you can just think them; because thought alone causes you to feel the effects of these words.

Focusing on when something is going to happen means your attention is on what you don’t want, so you feel the absence which becomes your point of attraction.

Thus, you attract a lack of clients and money.

We all wonder when and how. We’re human. after all! But you can train yourself to notice when you get caught up into thinking about when and how, and then pivot.

Here’s how you might shift the previous examples in order to raise your vibe and feel better:

What action can I take today to get more paying clients?
I wonder all the ways I can bring in more money and thrive in my business…

These thoughts feel a lot lighter and more exciting, right?

The bottom line is: Pay attention to your thoughts and how they cause you to feel. When you have thoughts around lack and scarcity and are feeling worry or doubt, you know you’re not allowing.

But when you keep your focus on what you want and how you want to feel, the Universe always delivers what is best for you … and sometimes it’s even better!

I remember last year when I felt I needed more support in my business, and a fellow coach in a mentorship program that I was in reached out to me and offered me the exact support I wanted in exchange for me supporting her with mindset work.

How about that? Free support for me, and I get to do more of the work I love doing. How does it get better than that?

You never know when, where or how what you want or need will show up.

Your only job is to stay open by trusting and allowing.

You just might be surprised and delighted!