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Manifest Money To Fund Your Dream Biz

Looking to joyfully build the business of your dreams?

This was actually my very first business affirmation that I wrote on a yellow post-it note and stuck to my dresser mirror over 2 years ago.

Let’s face it: You need money to build a business; yet money is the thing that sometimes holds us back.

But it doesn’t have to be. You can joyfully build the business of your dreams and manifest the money to support you along the way.

How, you ask?

First, I’d like you to use your imagination and go with me on this!

Do you remember the moment when you received a large amount of money?

One such moment for me was when I got my first paying client. I remember sitting in my kitchen on my birthday in awe when I heard her say the words,

“How can I pay you?”

A quick gasp crept up into my throat before I responded,

“With your credit card…”

When the call ended, I jumped up and down as if there was an imaginary trampoline in the center of my kitchen.

A few “woo hoo’s” later, I picked up my phone again and called my mom to shout the fabulous news!

Now, how did you feel when you received money?

Take a few seconds to remember.

You probably felt like I did that beautiful fall November day.

Exited, thrilled, elated, maybe even child-like. Do you jump up and down, too, when you get super excited?

These moments hold the key to manifestation.

In other words, we manifest money when we’re in those high-vibe feelings.

Now let’s move away from business for a minute.

Do you remember:

• When you got your very first car;
• When you got a big promotion at work; or
• When you stood at the airport awaiting a loved one that you haven’t seen in a really long time?

If you take a few seconds to remember how you felt in each of these instances, you’ll likely see that you felt the same in each scenario.

Excited, thrilled, elated, alive…

And you probably reacted in the same way, too.

Grinning from ear to ear, waving your arms up in the air, jumping up and down, and maybe even doing a little happy dance.

You see, each of these experiences caused you to feel a certain way.

And that’s the thing.

We all want those high vibe feelings, and money is only one avenue that can spark those feelings in us.

And guess what?

You can invite more money into your life when you are in that high vibe.

Here’s where you might go wrong:

Let’s say you want to start a business or get a paying client. You have the desire, and you take the actions, but the entire time you’re worried about the money.

After all, a big reason why people start a business is to make money doing what they love.

But the problem with making money the focus, fuel and drive, is that it tends to stress you out and causes you to go for a walk down memory lane, getting the “highlights version” of all the times you didn’t make money in your business.

And before you know it, you’re in a negative state and end up not making money; the very thing you were worried about to begin with.

What if, instead, you let yourself be fueled by the feelings the money will bring.

So when you’re networking online or interacting with potential customers, you kept excitement, abundance, freedom, and joy running in the back of your mind.

Replace money with what it represents; what feelings and emotions it will bring you!

If that’s freedom for you, then tap into the feeling of freedom before you take any action in your business.

Here’s what can happen: You’ll start enjoying yourself while you build your business, and you’ll have fun as you have conversations with your ideal clients. Now you’re in that high vibe, and that’s where the money is, too.

Money is energy just like everything else is in this world. Attune yourself with the frequency of money, and you’ll create more of it; just like how you hear your favorite music when you tune in to the station that’s playing it.

Doing this kind of internal work is essential for attracting more money now. It opens you up to the energy of money by raising your vibration and making you a magnet for more financial abundance in the process!