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How to Receive Money in Unexpected Ways

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in your business is getting fixated on money coming in through clients and customers. This is especially true if you’re not yet making the amount of money you’d like.

Thinking money has to come through work is normal, especially when you’re accustomed to making money through a paycheck.

Working hard becomes equivalent to making money. But is that really the formula?

The truth is, money comes in a variety of forms: Like in a really good deal on a new pair of shoes or when a contractor doesn’t charge you tax on the construction job he did for you because you paid in cash.

It even comes in smaller ways, like when your mother sends you home with a container of pasta after your visit and you don’t have to get takeout the next night.

The thing is that many people put money in the same box as work; whether you’re working for an employer or you’re working in your business. And the problem with this is you close yourself off to other avenues in which to make money.

For example, a client of mine told me that she was having a conversation with her neighbor and the topic of property taxes came up. They got to talking about what they each paid yearly in taxes, and my client was surprised to find out her neighbor was paying significantly less than her. In the end, she was able to reduce her taxes by $1,100 because she’s a senior citizen. Since my client was focused on ALL the ways money could show up, she opened herself up to receiving money in an unexpected way.

Oftentimes, we don’t see savings as earning money, so we’re quick to discount it. The problem with that is that money is energy and the Universe is all-inclusive, which means it doesn’t know the difference between money coming to you through a client, a paycheck or a discounted tax bill.

Money is simply money, no matter where it comes from or how much it is. So $7, $7,000 and & $7,000,000 are all the same to the Universe. But is it the same to you? Would you feel equally comfortable carrying around $7 in your wallet as you would $7,000? Probably not, but you can consciously choose to change your money story: How you see and feel about money.

Psychologist Anders Ericcson talks about “deliberate practice,” which involves people repeatedly moving beyond their comfort zones.

Deliberate practice is directly correlated to success and a growth mindset.

So if you want to experience more success when it comes to your business and have more money to support you in your dreams, make how you feel around the topic of money, your #1 priority.

Being able to feel excitement, fun and ease around the subject of money opens you up to more of it!

So, can you imagine yourself feeling financially abundant?

If not, start where you are and take small steps towards creating what you want.

The solution is to start small and look for all the ways money is already coming into your life.

And remember, money comes in different forms other than a credit line and $100 bills.

Money flows to you in the form of a friend picking up the tab at dinner or a 20% discount you received at check out that you weren’t expecting.

This is all evidence that money is flowing your way.

The more you start to focus on all the ways you are being supported, the more steps you take toward financial freedom.

Lao Tzu said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

So what’s the next step on your financial journey?

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