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How to Get Unstuck & Get New Results!

Ever daydream about the life you want to have? The things you want, how you want to feel, and even how you’d like to show up in the world?

I’m sure you’ve experienced that moment when you suddenly figure out the answer to a problem. It’s like the fog lifts and with the snap of a finger, everything makes sense and you just know. Or like those first few seconds when you wake up in the morning and you recognize a bad dream for what it is, and your mind crosses over to reality. Those moments of awareness and clarity are the best, right?

This aha type of moment happened to me recently. I caught myself telling the same old story. One from 4 years ago when I had just started my online coaching business.

I couldn’t believe I got caught up in an old story instead of focusing on my vision, especially since that’s exactly what I help my clients with: Releasing the old story and living life from where you want to be. This is why I always have a coach, myself, even though I specialize in mindset and transformation. “You can’t read the label from inside of the jar,” so it’s important to have someone help you gain perspective.

But anyway, here I was thinking:

💡 I’m not where I should be in my business.

💡 I don’t have enough clients.

💡 I’m not making enough money.

💡 When will I finally achieve the success I want?

I quickly snapped out of the rabbit hole I was beginning to travel down and thought, wait a minute!

I just finished doing 2 amazing coaching calls and was at the park walking at 11am on a Thursday morning. This kind of freedom to work when I want and throw in some self-care when I want never would’ve happened back when I was in my day job.

When I shifted my focus onto all that was right and going well, I realized…

  • I’ve generated steady revenue.
  • I have consistent clients.
  • I have the freedom and flexibility to work when I want and take a break to enjoy when I want.

It’s already happening!

I’m living my soul’s purpose, and I just didn’t notice it.

What has the Universe delivered to you that you might not have noticed yet?

Makes me think of the last line in the song The Search is Over by Survivor,

“Love was right before my eyes.”

You can easily substitute the word “love” with life, success, money, clarity, freedom… “is right before my eyes.”

Almost everything you want is available to you. But where’s your attention? Is it on what you don’t want or on what’s not happening, kind of like how mine was that day in the park? We do this sometimes. After all, we’re human right?

But the truth is, there are millions of possibilities that exist; and you get what you focus on, expect, and believe. When you start to question everything you know, are willing to consider something new and different, and remove the filters of those limiting beliefs, you move from “living for a dream” to living your dream now.

Here’s a clip from a video I made on what gets in your way of getting the results you want!

You can catch the entire video here.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned that I’ll share with you is to acknowledge what you already have right there in front of you. When you do this, you get more of what you want, because “where your focus goes, energy flows.”

There will be times when you slip back into looking at what you don’t have and how far you are from reaching your goals and having your life the way you want. This focus keeps you in the energy of lack, so you’ll want to quickly shift to what is working and what else you can do to keep progressing.

But don’t beat yourself up; just notice, forgive yourself and move your attention back to how things are already working out. Look at the places where you’re already living the life you want and doing what you want to do. Focus on those details and then say, YES, more please!

There’s a good chance the Universe has already delivered what you want. Now you just have to notice!