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How to Get Rid of the Fear of Criticism Once and For All!

Is your fear of criticism preventing you from getting the outcomes you want?

This fear of what others will think or say about you can stop or slow you down from going after what you want to accomplish.

Having thoughts like…

What will people think?…

What will others say?… the kind of thinking that will have you land in the “fear of criticism trap.”

But what if you could rid yourself of the fear of criticism completely, so that you could consistently and confidently take actions that will get you the outcomes you want?

Before I share with you exactly how you can get rid of this fear, here’s a powerful question that will let you know if you’re moving closer to your desired outcome.

Are you motivated toward success or away from criticism?

It’s a small distinction, but the impact it has on your results is huge!

Let’s use the following example to show what “toward success” and “away from criticism” looks and sounds like.

Say you want to publish a book, and you keep procrastinating on getting it finished.

In this example, you may be thinking:

I’m not sure how much of my personal story I want to share with the world.
What if my stories don’t resonate or land with people?
There are books similar to mine that are already published, so maybe I’ll wait until I think of a new idea to write about.

These examples show someone who is motivated away from criticism, and even rejection and failure.

On the other hand, you may be thinking:

I know my personal story is going to speak to the people who need to hear it the most.
The stories I share are bound to impact at least 1 person, and that is enough for me to get my book published.
I’m excited to share my point of view and shed light on popular topics that people want to read about.

Do you feel the difference between being motivated away from criticism vs. toward success?

Remember: You get what you focus on, whether you want it or not.

Napoleon Hill says, “Your desire for success needs to be stronger than your fear of criticism.”

So back to my question. Is more of your focus on getting the results you want; or is it more on what you don’t want, like criticism, judgement and failure.

Here’s how you could rid yourself of the fear of criticism completely, so that you could consistently and confidently take actions that will get you the outcomes you want!

Reframe what criticism means to you. When you reframe something, you think about it in a new way or a different light so that it has a completely new and better meaning to you.

Reframing criticism can be just the thing you do for yourself that helps you continue taking action towards the things you want, like publishing that book!

Criticism doesn’t have to mean that people are talking about you and judging you. Though this may be true, it’s out of your control and none of your business what others think. Remember that what people think is purely a projection of what’s inside them!

Here are a few ways you can reframe criticism:

The fact that you’re being criticized means you’re worthy of being talked about.
You’ve caught the attention of people, and they have taken time out of their lives to talk about you and to put their focus on you.

These reframes position you as someone to look up to, to follow, to be curious about and someone to want to know more about – a leader!

Reframing criticism in this way can be the boost you need to have the success you want. Plus, it feels so much better. And when you feel better, you’re more likely to take positive actions that are going to get you to your next level of success.

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