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How to Experience More Abundance

Ahhh abundance … when you hear the word “abundance,” what image pops into your mind?

It might be a large sum of money or deep, long-lasting love; or maybe it’s an ocean or a giant waterfall?

Abundance feels expansive, like your heart opens wide. It feels weightless and tends to spark a natural smile.

What if you opened up your mind to what abundance looks like?

Oftentimes, people will ask for an abundance of something but then focus on a specific way that it has to show up. For example, you might wish or hope to make $10,000 next month and then become laser-focused on that specific amount of money showing up. Each time you don’t see that money, you feel disappointed and subconsciously keep score of all the ways it’s not showing up.

The problem with this way of thinking and feeling is that you block the very abundance you want. How? With your dominant focus on lack and with the feeling of disappointment.

“Whatever you think about you bring about, and whatever you feel will reveal.” Abraham Hicks teaches that we have an emotional guidance system, which acts as your inner GPS. This guidance system lets you know if you’re in a state of allowing or resisting. How do you know if you’re allowing or resisting? You know by how you FEEL. When you’re feeling joy, freedom, eagerness, love, and appreciation, you’re open to receiving what you want.

Emotions like guilt, worry, doubt, disappointment, anger, resentment, and fear are at the lower end of this scale. When you spend too much time marinating in these emotions, you prevent or block the very things you want from manifesting in your life.

Some common ways we tend to block ourselves are by judging ourselves and comparing our progress to others. Feeling confused, overwhelmed or stuck are other ways people stay misaligned with what they want. So pay attention to how you feel. A general rule is, when you’re feeling good, you are allowing things, situations and ideal people to flow to you. With an abundant mindset, you’re likely focused on your goal, looking at all you’ve accomplished and are making joy and fun part of your day.

Here are 3 things you can do to feel more abundant:

Say thanks for any negative emotion you feel.

Negative emotions are there to let you know you’re off track. Like with a navigation system, you get to recalculate or pivot in a different direction.

Just as water flows beneath the icy surface, you can find a sense of calm and well-being just beneath those negative emotions. Tune in, breathe and connect with your inner self. It’s from this space that you can feel empowered and free.

So get curious, and allow whatever feelings you’re having to come to the surface. Acknowledge them so they can begin to dissolve.

Have self-compassion

Love yourself enough to make how you feel your top priority. When you feel good, you have more to give others. You show up in a new way, as you embody this energy that will attract the right people to you.

The energy of love is one of the most powerful energies, and when you align with it, you experience more flow. More importantly, when you love yourself and see your value, others will too!

To develop more self-compassion, get into a habit of asking yourself questions like:

What’s one thing I did well today?

What am I most proud of today?

What am I grateful for right now?

Questions like these keep your focus on what you’ve done well, and doing this creates positive momentum in the direction you want to go.

Make fun a part of everything you do.

Part of having fun is letting go and going with the flow. When you start making fun part of your day, you’ll naturally begin to lean into joy much more. And that’s when the “magic” happens…

Fun is high vibe, boosts your energy and opens you up to receiving. When this happens, you’ll notice right people, clients, situations, and opportunities seemingly show up in your life.

Begin to notice the abundance that’s already around you; welcome it, and be grateful. Doing this kind of internal work is essential for attracting more of what you want. It opens you up to the energy of abundance by raising your vibration and making you a magnet for more in the process!

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