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How to Create Clear & Compelling Outcomes

What’s the difference between those who achieve or surpass the goals or outcomes they set and those who fall short?

Research shows that not achieving goals has nothing to do with education, ability, whether you feel you deserve it or if it’s meant to be. Just look at Henry Ford, who left school after 8th grade, and countless others who defied all odds and yet experienced massive success.

Success is a science, and it’s been proven that you can model the behaviors of those who have already achieved what you desire and get similar results. If you’d like to learn more success principles that are scientifically proven, download a copy of my new eBook, 5 Must-Have Ingredients for Your Success!

One principle of success is having a clear outcome in mind and knowing what that end goal looks like. In other words, you are able to see your goal already completed. The subconscious mind thinks in pictures, sounds and feelings, so it’s important to have the image you want to experience and to keep it top of mind.

More often than not, people get stuck looking at where they currently are in relation to their goals. This makes sense, because you have the evidence right in front of you: The dollar amount in your bank account, the number of clients or customers on your schedule or the number you see on the scale. But, who says you have to keep your attention on what is right now? You can choose to set your sights on the outcomes you want and keep your focus there! Make sure you’re able to see what you want, hear it and feel it in your bones so that it feels real to you.

You can leverage the power of the subconscious mind to help you achieve your goals. Your subconscious is like a train track, and the thoughts you repeatedly feed it determine the direction it leads. So be intentional about the thoughts that occupy space in your mind, and make a habit of choosing to repeat thoughts that are in support of your goals.

I was working with a client who had a goal of passing the exam to get her license in financial education. Initially, most of her thoughts were around fear of failing the test and how she had trouble remembering facts and was horrible with reading. That was the “track” her mind was on, which led her straight to failing. However, through coaching, she was able to release those limiting decisions, “switch tracks” and fill her mind with thoughts around passing and recalling information easily and effortlessly. The result? She passed the test!

So how do you see yourself having achieved your goal when you’re just not there yet?

Part of the answer is that you use your imagination and allow yourself to have fun and be creative.

Emile Coue said that, “When your desires and imagination are in conflict your imagination invariably gains the day.” This means that the subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined. In other words, your imagination is just as real to your subconscious as the physical cup of coffee you drink in the morning.

So fill your mind with the pictures, sounds and feelings you want so that it will execute and filter in more of these things into your current reality. Give yourself permission to get curious and wonder, just like when you were a kid. There’s no imagination police monitoring your thoughts, so think big and bold!

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