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Gain Clarity on Your Niche and Messaging

Want to attract more clients in your business, but you’re not quite clear on who you serve or how exactly you help them?

Niching down and communicating what you do can feel as if you’re sitting in algebra class again working through the formula to find the slope of a line. Inserting different words and variations of catchy verbs and adjectives that will hopefully spark curiosity and perhaps open up a conversation can be difficult.

I remember signing up for other people’s frameworks and filling in the blanks with different phrases to formulate a sentence that I can rattle off in 20 seconds or less. Yup! My elevator speech. I spent hours writing out the same sentence in 50 different ways and looking up synonyms to craft that brilliant one-liner.

I also struggled with what to call myself … life coach, mindset coach, transformational coach. What was I? Who did I serve? I just wanted to help people. Period. But being in the online space, you’re told you have to niche down in order to stand out, so I niched down to entrepreneurs. Still vague, especially in today’s market.

I felt a lot of resistance in narrowing down any further. Women only, or men too? New and aspiring coaches, or just online coaches? I didn’t want to leave anyone out.

And what exactly did I help people with? Transforming their beliefs, living their best life, changing their mindset? All too broad!

But the truth was, I didn’t want to limit who I could serve and miss out on getting clients. I also realized that in my effort NOT to limit myself, I was doing exactly that! I was caught up in a lack mentality and stuck in a state of resistance, which was preventing me from gaining clarity.

No matter how hard I worked and how much paper and ink I used to design my perfect sentence, I was still confused!

You see, I was so focused on being confused about who, what and how that I could not get clear.

But consider for a moment that maybe you’re really not confused. What if you actually do know who you want to serve and what exactly you help them with, but you just can’t see it because you’re telling yourself that you’re confused.

The thing is, you can’t find the answer when you’re laser-focused on the problem or what’s missing, and confusion is just an effect of the beliefs you have.

In other words, if you tell yourself you don’t know who you serve or what your message is, then that becomes your belief and your experience.

So to gain clarity, a couple of good questions to ask are…

“What if I knew exactly who I served and what I help them with?”
“What if I could commit to one group of individuals and help them solve one specific problem for 90 days?”

Even this can be scary to do. I know, because I asked myself these questions, and the answers that came made me feel like I was going to miss out on serving a lot of people. But in hindsight, I spent much more than 90 days in a tug of war over who I served and how. It would’ve been easier and faster to run with one that felt good and commit to seeing what would happen.

Part of knowing who you serve and clarifying your message is committing and being ready to make progress.

You want to know what happened when I finally committed to niching down? Those people found me and asked me how they can work with me. My mentor always said that when you speak to many, you speak to none. When you narrow the field, you come into focus.

So, who would you love to serve? What excites you to share? What could you talk about all day and still be lit up? Start there. I found that my ideal client is a version of me a little while ago, and the same for my message. Tune in to what feels good to you, and run with it! Everything evolves, including you and your message.