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From Monkey Mind to Million Dollar Idea

It’s been said that if you get an idea and don’t act on it, that very idea will make its way into the subconscious mind of someone else.

In his book Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill writes, “Through the faculty of creative imagination, the finite mind of man has direct communication with Infinite Intelligence.”

When you relax and allow yourself to use your imagination, you are able to see, hear and receive inspirations that pop into your mind as an idea. These ideas can come out of nowhere or can be sparked by something else.

Recently, a friend texted me a published article written by his brother, and as I read that message on my phone, an idea suddenly popped into my mind. I heard the thought, “Run a book title contest on social media.” Quick backstory: I’m writing my next book coming out later this year, so stay tuned for more on that!

Anyway, I immediately got excited by this idea to let my audience choose the book title for me, and I felt tingles move across my upper back and shoulders. By the way, getting tingles, chills or any other feeling that resonates in your body is a sign that that idea has the potential to lead to great things. It was strange how I got the idea of running a contest just from reading that particular text from my friend. You just never know when or how ideas will hit you, so pay attention!

Napoleon Hill also says that, “It is through creative imagination that thought vibrations from the minds of others are received, and that one individual may ‘tune in,’ or communicate with the subconscious mind of others.”

So there’s no limit on ideas. They are everywhere! Think of ideas as invisible bubbles floating all over the place at all times. Within each of these bubbles is pure potential. Potential for money, impact, connection, success, etc. It’s up to you which ideas you tune in to, act on and pursue with persistence.

I know sometimes it can be hard to get ideas, and other times the ideas you get become overlooked. Dismissing ideas can happen for a variety of reasons: Perhaps you think they are too far-fetched, not possible, silly, or just not good.

You’re not the only one who sometimes discounts your ideas and moves on to the next thing. A lot of people do the same thing.

Here are a few tips to help you access those potentially profitable and powerful ideas that exist inside of you, as well as those you can receive from others.

Tip 1: Clear the clutter in your mind (that monkey mind)

Neuroscience shows that we have about 60,000 thoughts a day, 80% of which are negative. While you can’t clear your mind completely, you can make an effort to reframe the negative thoughts you become aware of. I teach you exactly how to do this using my CALM Method.

Also, be selective and intentional about what you allow to consume your attention. Perhaps limit the amount of news and social media that you absorb. There’s a lot of “noise” out there, so limit the negative or useless and make room for those ideas to arise or come into your mind.

Tip 2: Ask quality questions that are focused toward the outcomes you want

I recently had a client ask me for ideas to track publicity that she needed to present to her prospective client. Instead of giving her ideas, I asked her, “What are all the ways you can track publicity?” She started listing simple ideas like number of downloads and link clicks and, after about a minute, her eyes widened and suddenly higher-level, creative ideas began flowing out of her. It was amazing to watch this transformation happen after asking one quality question and letting her talk through the process.

When you ask questions that are focused on the result you want, you are more likely to be able to access those inspired ideas.

Tip 3: Stay curious and trust

Get curious when these ideas pop into your mind. When you stay curious, you’re less likely to judge what’s coming into your mind or look for all the reasons not to act on your idea. Staying curious keeps the process light and fun and prevents your fear detector (the amygdala in the brain) from firing off. When fear, worry and stress aren’t there, you’re more likely to create a plan around your idea and take small, consistent action steps towards it.

Finally, trust that you know more than you think you do. Give yourself some much needed credit! You have ideas both inside of you and all around you, and they are yours for the taking, if that’s what you want!

Follow these tips, and make it a practice of paying attention to the content of your mind or the stories that you tell yourself around any given topic. Once you have the awareness and willingness to clear your mind, you can choose to cancel thoughts that limit you and replace them with ones that empower and open you up to opportunities all around!

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