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Eliminate Doubt With CALM™

Are you tired of doubting yourself and what you’re capable of? Doubt can literally stop you in your tracks, keep you spinning your wheels or spiral you into confusion. Before you know it, you feel like a ping pong ball as you hop from one thing on your to-do list to the next and end up frustrated with yourself when you realize – once again – that you didn’t accomplish what you said you would.

Information overload and the tons of conflicting ideas you hear from the influencers and leaders you look up to is also a big source of doubt for entrepreneurs. 

Advice like: 📣 “Launch your program before you’re ready,” but “make sure you’ve done your competitive research and are using the right SEO strategies.” Or: 📣 “Make sure you’re going live or putting out video content consistently,” but “be sure you’re using professional quality lighting and sound, because people won’t watch poor-quality videos.” 

Excuses and procrastination set in. The program and the videos get put off until “later.” It’s like part of you wants to leap into action, but another part of you wants to get it right and not fail.

This information overload and the comparison trap you get caught up in is enough to stop you in your tracks and cause you to get stuck in doubt. 

⛔ Doubting the program you want to launch
⛔ Doubting your blog post
⛔ Doubting that marketing strategy you want to try

How many times have you stopped working on the thing you know is going to move the needle forward in your business in order to work on those non-revenue-generating tasks? The hours tick by, and before you know it you’re sitting on your couch at 11pm thinking, “Well, I’ll just have to get that done tomorrow.” It becomes this vicious cycle. But it doesn’t have to stay this way.

Awareness is your ticket out of doubt and the chaos in your mind so you can feel confident and clear about what to do next.

Where do you start?

Well, first become aware of what triggers that doubt in you. Everyone has their own pattern that fires off their “doubt program” to start running its course. Like a program running in the background of your computer. The doubt just gets triggered and runs its pattern. For example: Does doubt kick in just before you’re about to share an idea with your peers or just when you realize that you’re making great progress on that action that’s leading you toward your goal?

Here’s how you can become aware of what is triggering that doubt in you. As soon as you notice that you’re feeling doubt ask yourself:

❔ What happened just before I felt this doubt?

Then ask yourself the question:

❔ What am I making this mean about me?

Here’s an example of a “doubt pattern” I had. I used to notice that as soon as I felt like I was making progress on something like crafting an email for my list or outlining some content for a video, the thought, “Wow, this is too easy,” would pop up. Then, boom! I’d started-second guessing if I was saying the right thing and thinking that maybe I needed to learn a better video strategy before I made one.

So what was I doing just before I felt doubt? Making progress on a task. 

And what did I make that mean about me? That if it was easy, then I must be doing it wrong. 

That was my pattern. If something seemed too easy, doubt would get triggered. Why? Because I believed that you had to work hard and that’s the way to do well and succeed.

It’s our thoughts that cause emotions like doubt. Thoughts come from beliefs.

So it’s important to know what beliefs you have. If they’re limiting you or holding you back, then you need to change them. Eliminating limiting beliefs is something I do with my clients, and it’s fast and easy because we work with the powerful subconscious mind. You can learn more about how I help you remove limiting beliefs here.

Now, how do you stop doubting yourself so you can take action on the things you know are going to move the needle in your business?

First, recognize that doubt is a choice. Who says you have to doubt that you’ll achieve your goals or receive the things you want? There’s an upside to realizing and admitting that doubt is a choice. You get to choose something different! What if you entertained certainty more often? How would that feel?

The truth is, you are already certain about a lot of things … so why not be certain about achieving your goals? Doubt just gets in your way. It either slows your growth or prevents you from achieving them completely.

You see, doubt is simply the result of focusing on not getting what you want. It’s counting on or planning for things to not work out the way you want them to. But what‘s the point of that?

Doubt is canceling the order you placed out into the universe.

If you were to place an order for pizza and then immediately call to cancel it, would it arrive at your door? No. The order was already canceled! Would you set out plates and napkins and get out the garlic, oregano and crushed red pepper after you canceled your pizza order? No, it wouldn’t make any sense to take those actions.

So why doubt you’ll achieve your goals? Why take the actions and do all the things and hope you’ll achieve them, but silently fear you won’t? That’s not a good use of your energy, is it? What if you declared what you wanted to achieve and then remained certain that you will, while taking inspired action? As certain as you are that the pizza will arrive after you order it!

So how do you stop doubting? Here are some tips:

💡 Take a few deep breaths and acknowledge and embrace it.
💡 Allow it in and make peace with it. You can say to the doubt “I see you. I hear you. I acknowledge you.”
💡 Become aware of all your thoughts that are causing the doubt.
💡 Reframe each of those thoughts into ones that support what you want.
💡 Continually look for evidence that what you want is possible.
💡 Decide that it is possible, and choose to feel certain and confident that you can achieve that outcome.
💡 Take consistent, inspired actions towards your goal with the full belief and knowledge that it is done!
💡 Celebrate every win along the way so you build positive momentum

Most things in life are a choice. You can choose to focus on not getting what you want, or you can decide that it’s a done deal. You can place your order and expect the universe will deliver.

I have a proven step-by-step framework that helps you move from doubt to certainty and go from chaos to clarity so you can achieve the results you want in your business and in your life. It’s my CALM Method, and you can get it for free right here.

By using this simple 4-step method, you’ll learn how to:

 Replace fear & doubt with confidence and start making empowering decisions that grow your business
Attract new and prospective clients with ease
Sustain your energy, focus and motivation even when you’re not getting the results you want

Download this free guide and achieve your goals through CALM!

From actress to teacher to entrepreneur, Nikki Gangemi knows what it takes to make those big pivots and has found a way to accelerate her success from the inside out, to become the leading lady of her life and to live it on her own terms.

Nikki is an International Board Certified Success & Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, speaker, author, and founder of Mindful Matters LLC, though she calls herself a Personal Trainer for Your Mind!

Nikki helps entrepreneurs break through the limiting beliefs that hold them back, using her C.A.L.M.™ Framework, so they feel more motivated and achieve the results they want.

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