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Creating Your New Story For 2020

And the countdown has begun! In less than 10 days, we’ll be entering a new decade. Feels like a milestone! Each new year brings excitement and wonder as we refocus on what we want, set goals, and keep our eyes on where we’re headed. This time of year is filled with hope and positive expectation.

So what do you want to create in 2020? Take a moment to reflect on what it is you want for yourself, family, and business.

After you decide what you want and have an image in your mind, it’s natural to want to take action and go after it.

But there’s one thing that’s worth taking the time to do first. It’s the missing ingredient in achieving the results you want and most people are not taking the time to do this.

Some research says that only 8% of people actually achieve their goals, so what is preventing most from having what they want?

The truth is, one of the biggest obstacles standing in the way of creating what you want is your thoughts and beliefs, which make up your personal story.

Ever hear someone complain about how everything is going wrong and then sarcastically say, “Story of my life!” When people say this, they’re owning and claiming the “failure” as theirs.

Lots of people do this without realizing, me included! But once you have the awareness you get to step into choice.

So what story of your life are you telling?

Do you find yourself regularly thinking and telling people things like:

⭐️ I am awesome and people love the products and services I offer.
⭐️ I exceed my goals every quarter!
⭐️ I attract clients ready to invest.
⭐️ I am a success.
⭐️ I’m clear on my vision and know my next step!

OR are you more often thinking and saying things like:

🌩 I’m afraid my ideas will be rejected.
🌩 I don’t know where to start! I have to wait until everything is perfect.
🌩 I need to learn more!
🌩 What if I fail?
🌩 I don’t know if I have what it takes.

When looking at your life or business, which side of the coin do you tend to focus on? What percentage of the images and thoughts that you have are positive rather than negative?

Imagine a giant balancing scale in front of you with 2 big buckets on each end. The bucket on the right says POSITIVE and the one on the left says NEGATIVE. If you were to sort through the images, thoughts, memories, and perpetual dialogue that runs through your mind day in and day out, which side would your scale tip towards?

What is in your life is simply a reflection of your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. If you want something, you have to be able to SEE it and BELIEVE it first.

So if you don’t have what you want yet, then take an inventory of what’s going on in your mind.

Once I decided to track my thoughts for about 5 minutes. I sat down with a notebook and pen and just paid attention to every single thought that emerged, seemingly out of nowhere. It’s funny how these thoughts just pop into your mind, one after the next. Well, after 5 minutes I gave up because I kept being bombarded by negative thoughts and they were all over the place, covering every subject!

I’d go from planning to worrying to assuming a worst case scenario. And when I’d try to refocus onto a mantra or affirmation, almost immediately I’d notice my mind drift back into worry or doubt. It was unbelievable and to think that’s going on all day everyday…no wonder why we live on auto pilot. It’s a coping mechanism!

This negative noise in your head is your story and it stays set to repeat. Some neuroscientists say that we have an average of 50,000-80,000 thoughts each day, 80% of them being negative and 95% of those negative thoughts being repetitive. It’s the repetitive thoughts that become the story you tell.

Those fears and doubts that you’ll fail or be rejected or don’t have what it takes… It’s just part of your story and we see everything from that vantage point.

So the quicker path to success is changing the “story of your life.” What story do you want to start telling?

Do you want more success in 2020 or to use a more specific example, start having consistent $5k months? The first thing to do is to recall a time when you had success? Can you remember what success felt like?

If this goal feels like a stretch, then don’t start there. Start with a memory of when you had some kind of success with money. Then recall another time and another until you’re telling the story of your life that you want to tell, and the $5k months are a natural and believable part of the story.

Use your imagination and make sure you’re able to see and feel success until you own it!

It’s not enough to say you want to have $5k months in your business or want to have more success. You need a reference point or an anchor and a picture in your mind. You also need to be able to feel what it’s like to have abundance and success.

If you focus more on little or no money coming in or the lack of sales calls on your calendar or the steps you know you have to take, but feel overwhelming to you…guess what?

You’re going to stay in your same situation, repeating what you know until it becomes your history or version of the story of your life.

I had a client who went from only having a few dollars left in her bank account to manifesting money almost daily after changing the money story of her life. It’s a prerequisite, just like some of those courses you took in college!

This is exactly the kind of inner work we do in my coaching programs. It’s an inside job as much as having the systems and strategies in place. You need a blend of both!

The key is achieving your goals, creating new habits and getting different results is to change your history in your mind first. Get present to what you want and how you’re already getting closer and you will get closer and eventually have what you want.