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5 Common Words That Push Abundance Away

Ahh abundance! It’s one of those words that can make you feel that anything is possible and that there’s more than enough for you. And while it’s true that abundance is everywhere, it’s common to push it away with our words, thoughts, emotions and focus.

Emotions such as fear, doubt, worry, and impatience. Words and thoughts like:

“I don’t want…”
“I can’t…”

Words, thoughts and emotions like these actually put you into resistance mode, which pushes away the abundance you desire!

Why would anyone resist or fear abundance? It’s not something we do consciously or on purpose. We do it subconsciously with our habitual, automatic ways of thinking and responding to life. There are fears and internal conflicts we all have at the subconscious level. 

You’re likely not aware of your dominant thoughts and energy that’s playing quietly in the background of your mind. But you want to become aware because we create our reality with our subconscious paradigms. 

I’m going to share words and affirmations that, with practice and repetition, can change that negative subconscious programming. But first, here’s an example of that subconscious internal conflict..

I remember when I was younger and I’d have an abundance of laughter fly out of my mouth and my mom would repeat to me what her mother always said to her: “If you laugh too much, you’ll be crying by the end of the night.”

My 8-year-old brain decided that laughing – as well as the happiness and fun that go along with it – are just not safe. Laughing meant I was going to be punished or that something bad was going to happen, so I pushed away that good feeling. 

This may or may not have been your experience, but we all assign meanings to ideas that are instilled in us, especially at a young age. 

You might’ve heard or thought one of the follow ideas:

  • Money comes in one hand and goes out the other. 
  • Sounds too good to be true. 
  • I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Adopting ideas like these and making them part of your belief system can create a lack mindset and cause you to look for and expect the very things you don’t want. 

Abundance is energy. Your energy is broadcast out into the Universe and is attracted to energies that match that frequency or vibration. It’s the same for lack. When your words and thoughts cause you to feel lack, you get more lack because the Law of Attraction responds to your vibration.

So your words, thoughts and energy matter! Wanting abundance and saying a few words of affirmation a day is not enough to attract what you want. 

I was working with a client who wanted to receive an abundance of affection from her husband, but didn’t. She had become so focused on the lack of affection he’d show her. She complained about it in her mind and to him, which only pushed him away. 

There were times when he did surprise her by hugging her from behind or putting his hand on her leg. She appreciated these gestures but still yearned to have more, which made her slip right back into lack. It became a vicious cycle until she started meeting her own needs and connecting to the feeling of abundance inside her. 

Abundance is all around. It can be hard to feel abundant when you don’t have the evidence you want in your physical reality.

Here’s what I tell my clients to do:

If you’re not feeling abundant in one area, like in your love life or in your bank account, look for other areas where you do have abundance.

For example, every time you breathe in, you have an abundance of oxygen available. And you likely have an abundance of water to drink when you’re thirsty. 

Start where you are, and build on that. What you focus on grows, so focus on what you do have. On what is working. And, most importantly, focus on what you want

Now, let’s talk about 5 common words that push abundance away. We tend to use one or all of these words every day! 


Here’s where you enter a choice point. You can choose to speak to and think about what you can’t have, don’t want, or what’s not working. OR you can focus on what you want and prefer

Here’s some common examples of a lack mindset that pushes away abundance and reframes that invite and allow more abundance to flow into your life: 

Lack: I can’t seem to hit my income goal. 

Abundance: I’m grateful for the money I do attract into my business, and I know I can manifest larger amounts of money more consistently.

Lack: I don’t know what the next right step is to move me forward.

Abundance: I know that I want to move forward, and I’m willing to get quiet, listen to my inner guidance, and follow those Universal signs that feel exciting and aligned with my intention.

Lack: I’m not attracting enough clients. 

Abundance: I’m thankful for the clients I have served and am excited to serve those future clients who are in the process of flowing into my life. 

Lack: I’m grateful for the money I have, but it’s just not enough.

Abundance: I’m grateful for the money I have, and I look forward to attracting even more because more always comes! 

Lack: I need more time to get it all done.

Abundance: I can choose to allocate my time in a way that’s more aligned with my goals and with what’s important right now. 

Notice which set of thoughts feel better. Reframing negative thoughts to positive ones helps you expand your perspective. When you reframe a thought, you put a different frame around it, which changes the meaning and the feeling. Remember, we attract with how we feel; so make feeling good your top priority! 

Reframing is an art and a practice. 

  • Start by becoming aware of the things you say to yourself and out loud.
  • Become curious when you notice those words based in lack. 
  • Give yourself grace, and then play with positive statements that are focused on what you want and prefer!
  • Finally, begin to notice the abundance that’s already around you, lean into it, feel grateful, and welcome more in. 

Doing this kind of internal work is essential for attracting more of what you want. It opens you up to the energy of abundance by raising your vibration and making you a magnet for more in the process! 

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