Do you have it all together on the outside
but secretly doubt yourself
and what you're capable of having in life?

Are you taking action but feel overwhelmed and frustrated? Like you’re running on a treadmill and not gaining the traction you want?

Discover my 4 Simple Steps so you can go from chaos to clarity and achieve the results you want through CALM!


guide, you’ll learn how to:

Replace fear & doubt with confidence and motivation to make empowering decisions that lead to better results;

Quiet the chaos in your mind and move into clarity in minutes so you stay focused on your goals and achieve them; and

Uplevel your thoughts and manage your emotions, enabling you to show up better and feel good about yourself.

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And go from Chaos to Clarity

What if you’re only one thought away from attracting your next opportunity and having what you’ve been wanting?

Imagine living that life you envision for yourself…

feeling complete confidence, clarity and motivation to do the things that are going to help you level up in your life and business!

This change is available, and the first step is having clarity!

Here's what some of the members of

CALM Method

Case Study had to say:

From actress to teacher to entrepreneur, Nikki Gangemi knows what it takes to make those big pivots and has found a way to accelerate her success from the inside out, to become the leading lady of her life and to live it on her own terms. 

Nikki is an International Board Certified Master Success Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Master Hypnotherapist, speaker, author, and founder of Mindful Matters LLC, though she calls herself a Personal Trainer for Your Mind

Nikki helps professionals and entrepreneurs break through the limiting beliefs that hold them back, using her CALM Framework, so they can feel more motivated and achieve the results they want.

Mindful Matters LLC

Live Life Happy No Matter What!