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Are you struggling to build your brand online?

The struggle is real. You spend countless hours going back and forth in your mind trying to choose your target audience and clearly identify how you help them.

Aside from these decisions, there’s choosing your logo, your colors, all that goes into having professional photos done and creating videos for your social media channels. Say what? Videos? That idea alone can put you into fight-or-flight mode!

The list goes on and can feel so overwhelming that it keeps you in the learning-and-research stage, where there’s a lot less pressure!

I’m here to tell you something that’s going to wake up and shake up your world.

Thinking you don’t know your target market or how to clearly communicate what you do is just a lie that you’re telling yourself.

I apologize upfront for the tough love I’m dishing out, but I want to see you move forward and share your gifts with the world. There is only one you, and no one can do you better than YOU!

So for the next few moments, I want you to set aside the story that you don’t know where to put your focus or how you help people specifically and answer these questions:

~ What do you want most to share with the world?

~ Why do you do what you do?

~ If your success were guaranteed and money did not matter, what would you teach/talk/post about all day and feel alive because of?

Notice what comes up for you as you’re answering these questions in the privacy of your own mind.

What’s really behind the dilemma of how to position yourself and your business?

Fear of judgement

Fear of getting it wrong

Fear of being found out

Fear of making a mistake

Fear of not knowing enough

Fear of being seen

Fear of not being good enough

Fear of wasting your time…

You may be experiencing some of these or any of the other hundred ways fear takes form; and therein lies your problem.

It’s not a matter of having to learn more or do more things first.

After all, there are thousands of articles, coaches, quizzes, PDF’s, and YouTube videos that teach you how to clearly build your brand, tell your story and identify your target audience.

Yet, “Who is my ideal client, and what pain point do I help solve?” remains the million-dollar question.

What if the answer to this question could be easier?

What if you did know exactly what you do, and you could communicate it clearly to your ideal client?

What do you stand to lose?

A better question is, what do you stand to gain?

And answer this: What scares you the most about those things you stand to gain?

If you believe you stand to gain more followers, clients, sales, the need to hire a team, offers to speak on local and global stages, an international best-selling book…

You might’ve felt some fear come up because of thoughts like:

~ I don’t want to upset someone and have them call me out publicly.

~ What if I sound like I don’t know what I’m doing?

~ I don’t want to freeze and look like a fraud.

~ Do people really need this? There’s already more qualified people doing this very same work!

~ What if I can’t handle all the responsibility that comes with that level of success?

Questions like these are a sure-fire way to activate, on demand, that cloud of confusion that conveniently fills your mind. And, before you know it, you are back to being safe. Safe behind your laptop and working hard in your business.

All that said, take a deep breath and say the following out loud with me:

I’ve decided to take 100% personal responsibility for my success.

Here’s the truth: You do know what you have to contribute to the world. You know your ideal clients, message and products and services that will allow you to deliver your gifts to those who are eagerly waiting.

Once the fears are removed, you have access to all the answers.

Perhaps working with a coach to help guide you through this process is a step you want to take. Having the support of a coach and access to tools to help you gain more clarity and focus, and being held accountable for the actions you decide to take can move you forward a whole lot faster.

Time is a finite resource. You don’t get it back, so taking steps that help you grow and get to your next level of success is priceless.

And if that’s not where you’re at in this moment, that’s okay, too. A good first step is to pause, get curious and journal on the questions I proposed earlier in this blog.

Taking yourself through this reflective process will help shine a light on those invisible barriers to success; all the fear and what-if’s that prevent you from building your brand and serving the world in the way you were meant to!

If you want to learn more about how to eliminate any fear that’s preventing you from moving forward in your business, email me at, and let’s have a conversation.

To Living Life & Doing Business on Your Terms!