As a personal trainer for your mind, I help you wipe out limiting beliefs and negative emotions in minutes.

Feel motivated on demand and achieve your goals the easy way!

Two of the biggest roadblocks to achieving your goals are negative emotions and limiting beliefs. Emotions like doubt and fear, and beliefs like “I don’t have what it takes” and “What if I fail” can stop you in your tracks, cause you to procrastinate, self-sabotage, and perhaps even settle.

I bought into beliefs like these, and because I was convinced they were facts, I traded passion for stability. This decision resulted in me giving up on my dream of being an actress and settling into becoming an elementary school teacher. 

After 12 years of just going through the motions, I realized that even though I followed the rules and did everything I was “supposed” to do, I was still single, alone and unhappily working in a job that was someone else’s dream.

What I really wanted was to be happy and excited to wake up every day to do what I love. After that realization, I connected with a kind-hearted co-worker and met Mr. Spirituality through a dating app. Go figure! Anyway, each one inspired me to create the opportunities that I wanted in my life.

With that, I decided to “bloom where I was planted” and developed Mindful Matters, a mindfulness program for kids. One year later, that door closed and I turned a “No” into an opportunity to switch gears and pivot into coaching adults on a global scale. Turning the big “4-oh” triggered me to take the next big leap and resign from my job to help others live their life their way. Now, Mindful Matters is a proven program for entrepreneurs who are looking to get beyond the image they have of themselves, so they can achieve the results they want. 

Today, as an International Board Certified Success & Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist, I help entrepreneurs achieve their goals the easy way and uplevel their life and business using my C.A.L.M. Framework.

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You’ll also get to hear more about my journey from actress to teacher to entrepreneur!

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