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3 Must-Have Ingredients for Your Success

Success is a science, and that’s good news because that means there’s a formula that anyone can follow to achieve the outcome they want.

Keeping this in mind can ease any worries or doubts around your ability to succeed. In fact, one of the principles in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is the “Physiology of Excellence,” which means that you can succeed at something just by modeling the behavior, physiology and state of someone else who has already achieved the result you want.

This also means that your success is inevitable … just as soon as you get out of your own way!

Negative emotions, limiting beliefs and internal conflict are three culprits that stand between you and everything you want; and these can all be released and transformed so you can be well on your way to success.

As an NLP practitioner, I’m able to help my clients release any fears and limiting beliefs that may be standing in the way of their success.

Beliefs they usually don’t admit, like:

I can’t make a living being an entrepreneur.
I don’t know enough to be successful.
It’s too late to start something new.

Beliefs like these can be transformed in minutes; and once they are replaced with empowering beliefs, you’ll feel driven to take inspired action and continue to move toward your goals, just like my clients.

Here are 3 must-have ingredients for your success:

Have a clear outcome

You have to know exactly what you want and be able to see, in your mind, what that looks like. “I don’t know” is a common response I hear when I ask my clients what they want, specifically. Another thing they have a hard time seeing is the very last step that will happen right before their outcome is achieved. Not believing that you can actually achieve the outcome or being afraid of success can cloud your ability to think that far ahead.

Not only do you need to have a clear outcome, you also need to be able to see it happening, as if it’s a done deal. The subconscious mind thinks in pictures, sounds and feelings and follows your focus very much like a train track. It executes and goes in the direction you give it, so be clear and keep your attention on the outcome you want!

Take consistent, inspired action

You also have to take action towards the goals or outcomes you’ve set. It’s important that your actions be inspired and that you feel excited about them. You see, it’s not about taking action because you think it’s something you should do or because it’s something you’re told to do or see others doing. Rarely do you get the results you want when you’re pushing yourself to do something that feels out of alignment.

So get present and let your intuition guide you. Pay attention to any tingles, goosebumps or chills you feel when inspired ideas pop into your mind. This natural response is your higher self saying “YES” and that you’re being led in the right direction.

Focus on your results

Pay attention to all the results you get. If you’re happy with your results, let the positive momentum build. However, if you’re not happy with what’s happening, it’s time to make adjustments.

Some people believe poor results means “it’s just not meant to be” or they have to give up and start something new. Not true. So long as you’re working toward something you’re passionate about, keep doing it and just change your approach. It’s a good idea to make one tweak at a time and observe your results non-judgmentally. Pay attention and course correct, much like a pilot does when flying to their destination.

Remember, your success is inevitable. You can have the life and business you want, and incorporating these key ingredients – combined with believing in yourself – will get you there.

Just imagine what becomes possible when you believe your success is inevitable!

You’d probably take massive action on the ideas that light you up. You’d no longer stop yourself or sabotage your dreams and desires or minimize your gifts or play small out of fear.

You have all you’ll ever need inside of you, so choose to commit every day to moving through your fears. That’s how you can rise above your reality; and once you do, you’ll break through that invisible barrier and live big and bold!

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