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2 Mistakes to Avoid When Attracting Clients

Are you taking all the right steps to put yourself in front of your perfect customers, like working on your website, writing newsletters, and engaging on your biz page and in your FB groups? Are you checking things off on your to-do list, getting things done but still not getting clients?

I remember before I attracted my first paying client, I was pumping out a lot of content and showing up consistently in my FB group. I put in a lot of time and made no sales.

At the time, it was very frustrating, but then I realized I was overlooking a couple of very important things I needed to pay attention to in order to get the outcome I wanted.

One mistake I made was that I didn’t believe in myself. On the outside I was taking all the actions I was told to, but deep down inside I didn’t really expect any of it to actually work. Still, I followed the systems and frameworks I was given by my mentor and part of me thought if I did everything just right, the clients would follow. But a bigger part of me was anticipating very little success. I struggled with getting my “what I do statement” nailed down and my signature system created and perfected, but when it came down to putting my offers in front of potential clients, I cringed just a little and secretly expected little results.

On top of that, I was stuck in technology overwhelm and frustrated by all that needed to be done – website, blogs, newsletters, FB posts… I was constantly working and giving everything away for free. I felt scattered and all over the place. I was even caught up in the comparison game feeling like I didn’t quite measure up with all the other online coaches who seemed to be having so much success.

In the end, it wasn’t the systems or frameworks that I needed to get in place. It was my mindset and how I perceived myself.

When it comes to attracting clients, you cannot take action from the same mentality and space from which you’re currently operating. In other words, if you’re putting offers out on social media and in your emails, but in the back of your mind you’re second guessing yourself asking:

❓ Do I know enough to really help people?
❓ Who am I to do this?
❓ Will people think I’m a fraud?

…you will always be searching for clients and coming up short.

The reason questions like these hinder success is because we create with our energy, which is made up of our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.

Taking action from the mentality that you’re not ready or good enough to help others will keep you working hard and not getting the results you want. Your thoughts cause you to feel a certain way, which causes you to behave in a certain way, and all of this becomes the reality you experience.

Let’s say for example that you think to yourself,

Who am I to help someone in their business when I haven’t had that level of success yet?

This thought causes you to doubt yourself and feel like you’re unworthy of charging for your services. These feelings lead to actions like spending hours trying to figure out your “what I do statement” or consuming information so that you’re ready enough. It even causes you to stay in a state of confusion.

The result you get? No clients, lack of engagement in your posts, no sales calls booked and these experiences reinforce your beliefs…

I knew I wasn’t ready. See, I don’t know enough. I knew I couldn’t help someone else. Why would anyone pay me thousands of dollars?

It’s a vicious cycle.

So what needs to change in order for you to get the outcome you want?


It’s a simple answer, but not an easy change to make!

Here’s what I did before I attracted my first paying client. Are you ready? I didn’t have a funnel system in place, nor did I have a solid sales script or signature system. I did one thing that made a huge impact.


Through a lot of the internal work I was doing, I realized I had been holding onto feeling powerless, minimized, regretful, and a slew of other low energy emotions. These feelings were tied to memories from so long ago but were still very much alive and bubbling beneath the surface of everything I did in my business.

The second mistake I made was that I believed I had to work hard and that more time and effort equated to more success. But this kind of energy actually gets in your way because it keeps you in a state of resistance. And if you’re in resistance, you are not allowing. In order to attract clients you need to be in receiving mode, not resistance!

That’s exactly where I was operating from. I’d developed the habit of trying so hard to get what I wanted, which kept me stuck in a masculine energy instead of staying open to receiving. Living in perfectionism and having to prove myself also silently communicated to the world that I’m not good enough.

How could I allow myself to receive clients when I was holding on so tightly to those heavy emotions? I was constricted and in resistance.

After realizing how I was working against myself, I let go and leaned back into a space of allowing. That was when I got my first paying client and it just so happened to be on my birthday. Best birthday present!

Getting my first paying client was a big deal for me. It made me feel like I finally had a business. And seeing that notification that the money was deposited into my business checking account really made it real!

When you let go of old thinking patterns and rest in a softer energy of leaning back you stay wide open for your ideal clients to find you.

What if you could start attracting your next client NOW, right where you’re currently at in your business?

The moment you ASK for what you want, believe in yourself and what you have to offer, AND allow yourself to receive, you will attract your ideal clients!