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Hi! My Name is Nikki Gangemi.

I’m on a mission to help you manifest a life you feel lit up about!

If you’re looking for something more, to feel better, to live your life with more purpose, freedom and peace of mind, you’re in the right place. I have the tools to help you feel motivated on demand and achieve your goals with

I’m so happy you found me here. It’s my hope that the trainings, videos, resources and coaching programs offered here will help you start saying YES to you, so you can create an authentically aligned life and business you feel
lit up about!

I’m here to help you create positive, lasting change in your life and it’s as
simple as 1, 2, Brand New!

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CALM Method

I share my 4 simple steps to help you accelerate your success. Learn how to harness the power of positive thoughts, so you can move forward with more ease!


Your Technique Saved Me, Mentally!

"Your CALM Method saved me this morning from a stressed situation with a person who could have been a problem but your technique saved me a lot mentally and being drained because I turned to possibilities and heard them out and addressed the silver linings in the situation."
~Terri Trapp

Doubled the Size of My Business!

"Through working with Nikki I expanded my network and met someone who was able to create a landing page and a webinar that I recorded. Before this, when I saw these sites I was intimidated by them thinking that I would never put out a video of my self to the world. Now that I have done so I have doubled the size of my business within a few weeks."
~Chris Guenther

I 5Xed My Investment!

“I have 5Xed my investment in about a month of being in this coaching program. I sold a premium coaching program. I manifested an all-paid trip to Spain. I have since learned better money managing habits and saved money. Thanks Nikki!”
~Laurence Noroy

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